Franz Schubert's Song Cycle
Winterreise ( Winter Journey )
Performed by Gerald King
Carol Misso-King
Composing in the last year of his short life, Schubert poured
everything he knew of lieder composition into these songs,
creating a masterwork never again equaled in any language.

Quotes from reviews of live performances of Winterreise.

About Gerald King:

" Mr. King is really into his music, sympathizes with it, understands it"

" His light, expressive voice is well suited to this repertoire"

... "the extreme of sensitivity and nuance..."

... " a hushed, unforgetable voice, suspended in the void, speaking to all humanity..."


About Carol-Misso-King

" She is an extremely capable artist..."

... " the piano support was always sensitive and appropriate."

"Subtle shifts of shading and dynamics are the name of the game... and for the
pianist in particular, very supple and agile fingers. She was exemplary in all of this."

" Without pretending to be Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten, the Kings sustained
interest and impressed all with the quality of these songs."


- Courtesy of U of W Gazette, KWCMS and Jan Narveson

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